Axiom 1155 - Base Price

When you are looking for the ability to measure Floor Flatness and Levelness look no further. Axiom 1155 - The easy way to measure.



1- Heavy duty carring case

1- Device handle

1- Pre-configured Android phone (Wi-Fi)

  • Deflection Meter Measuring and Reporting Software

12- AA batteries (6 are inside the handle).

1- USB Flash Drive with Training Videos and Report Generator included.


Optional Add-Ons

  • ASTM 1155 Software. Measure FF and FL in accordance to ASTM E1155 for random traffic floors.
  • ASTM E1155 Layout Companion App. Get recommended layouts based on custom dimensions in accordance to ASTM E1155.
  • Excel based Report Generator for ASTM E1155


  • TR34 4th Edition Software. Measure Property E & F for random traffic floors using either TR-34 Node or TR34- Run.
  • Excel based Report Generator for TR-34 4th Edition.


  • Free Run Software. Measure random traffic floor standards for TR34-3rd edition, DIN 18202, Gap Under Straight Edge. Measure Define floor traffic for F-Min, TR34-3rd and 4th Edition, DIN 18185.
  • Excel based Report Generator for each standard.
  • Take data and create 3D and Heat Map plot.


  • Q-Value Software. Measureslab joint curvature.
  • Excel based Report Generator for Q Values.


Axiom 1155 - Base Price

  • All of the products manufactured by the Somero Matson Group come with a complete 2 year factory warranty. Any accessories offered, such as a smartphone, or carrying case, comes with a 1 year warranty.  If you wish to learn more about our warranty and return policy please download and refer to our Warranty and Return Policy located at the bottom of our shop page.